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A Grace That Superabounds!

"There is no sin that can stop the grace of God but it is the grace of God that can stop any sin."

Do you believe in the supernatural God that protects you with His legions of angels? A God that protects you from all kinds of diseases? That is the truth written in the Scripture that some Christians don't even believe. Sometimes we can't blame them because they experience too much hardship in life but you must understand that no matter how hard your situation is God's grace still flows in you abundantly.

You know that in the Old Testament you'll see God's anger, His wrath and in the New Testament you'll see a God of love, mercy and grace. Why did God have to deal people that way in the Old Testament? Before I wrote this I really don't know and I don't even care that much but what I learned was really amazing. You guys wanna know why God dealt people that way in the Old Testament? Simply because sin wasn't dealt at that time. God dealt with people differently in the New Testament because sin was already dealt with. Jesus died on the cross for my sins and yours. Because of that we're not living under the law anymore but we're living under grace. OK. I know Christian life is not easy. There are lots of responsibilities, obligations, commitments, etc. If that's how you look at it we share the same point of view before. But when you understand the Christian life you won't look at it as a matter of obligation and you'll start living a Christian life because you want to now. It's not a matter of having to do but wanting to do. You want to live a life like Christ lived because you wanna do it, because you are willing to do it, because you love doing it. 

Part of Christian life is turning away from your sins. According to Romans 2:4, God's kindess leads you toward repentance. Now what in the world is repentance? You might probably heard it a million times before and you probably thought that repentance is turning away from your sins. Yeah, it's true but how can you tell this to a non-believer if you don't even have the power to turn away from your sins? Most of us perceived repentance as turning away from your sins and then turning to God, but when you talk like that the focus is wrong, repentance is more likely turning to God with your sins, that's in the ultimate sense that you're turning away from your sins. Most ministers usually preach in repentance is that when you do not repent God's gonna judge you, God is not gonna bless you but that's not even the way the bible preaches it. And then I realized that God did not say not to bless me if I don't repent, He didn't even said that He would get angry at me but that doesn't mean that I will not repent anymore. You also have to. We really have to. To repent actually means to reconsider, to think differently. It is a change of mind, a change of mind on how you view sin, on how you view God, a change of mind that you cannot save yourself, and a change of mind that only God can save you. When we change our minds the ultimate result is a change of love.

The Bible said in Romans 12:2, that if you renew your minds that's how you're able to change. A change of mind about God, that God is not mad at you, that God is not angry with you anymore, that God loves you unconditionally, that God will protect you all the days of your life, that God will provide everything you need. When you have this change of mind that God is looking at you like that and it gives you the response to love Him back. It's not about God being pissed off and angry, that'll create more fear. 'Coz you don't want to have a christian life doing the right things cause you're motivated by fear right? I also don't want to. Be motivated by love instead of fear. 

When you're preaching the Good News and you tell the people that God is mad at them because they sinned, what in the world is so good about that? The Good News is that even when you sin God is not mad at you. Many Christians always want to live by works, that we have to make God happy by doing good deeds instead of realizing that He's already happy with you just the way you are. Did you know that God is already happy with you just the way you are? God might probably wanna say, “My child did you know that Im smiling right now because of you? That every time I look at you makes me wanna smile more.”. Oh my! How sweet is it to be loved by God!

Many Christians do not grow in their ministry because they're doing it with their own strength and not because of the love of God. They do it because they want praises for themselves and not for God. They do it because they have to and not because they want to. We do it because that’s what we are supposed to do even if we don’t feel like doing it. If we’re living a life like that we’re not living the life of Jesus. We’re just living a bunch of dos and don’ts and that is called religion. Doing something just for the sake of doing it doesn’t sound a relationship at all. If God were to ask me, “Emman, why are you playing the guitar during praise and worship?”, I don’t want to say, “because I’m part of the worship team, I have to do this, this is what im supposed to do.” . You can be honest with God. You can tell Him that you don’t feel like taking part in the ministry because you’re weak, you’re hurt, if you would tell Him the truthGod will do a supernatural surgery in your heart. Do you believe that? You gotta believe that God will do extraordinary things in you. When you’re hurting God’s heart is broken with you.That’s how compassionate God is. He doesn’t want you down. Now, you can wake up every morning knowing that you are being loved by a wonderful God. Even when you have plans not to get better, plans not to change you are still loved and you are still the beloved. Your only job is to be loved extremely and that’s when you become changed by love and not by fear.

Romans 5:20 says that where sin increased grace increased all the more. The first time I heard this was like, whoa! Are you kidding me? I mean really? But when I read that in my Bible, that was the time that I know it was for real. Yeah! It’s real. All my life I’ve never known this until now. I thought when people sin they fall out of God’s grace but it’s the exact opposite, it’s when people sin they fall into God’s grace. God’s grace is really wonderful.There is no sin that can stop the grace of God but it is the grace of God that can stop any sin. Where sin increased God’s grace SUPERABOUNDS! Come to think of it, how in the world do you get out of your sin if you fall out of grace? When you sin you fall into God’s grace! That even when you sin you are still 100% ok with God, that even when you sin your fellowship with God will not be broken. That when we sin Christ comes to our defense says the Bible in 1 John 2:1.  That He loves you the same even when you sin. That there is nothing you can do to make Him love you less because He loves you more than anybody could. And there is no greater love beyond God’s love, His love for you is incomparable, it is everlasting, it is unfathomable, it is pure. That is the grace that superabounds! 

Romans 5:19 says that, For just as through the disobedience of the one man(Adam) the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man(Jesus) the many will be made righteous. So, how many sins does it take to become a sinner? 1? 100? 1000000? The answer is NONE! We are born sinners. And how many good deeds does it take to become righteous? NONE! Because we are reborn righteous, that’s why we’re born again. Our identity cannot be found in our deeds but rather in our birth. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says that, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! We are new creations now. The sinful past was gone and was replaced by a righteous one. When you do good you are not more righteous and when you do bad that doesn't make you less righteous. Jesus became sin who knew no sin, that we might become His righteousness says the Bible in 2 Corinthians 5:21. All our sins are washed away, all, including your past sins and even the sins that you have not yet committed.

A God that loves you, a God that died for you, a God that will accept you no matter how many times you fail, a God that is excited to see you coming back to Him, a God that is not mad at you even when you sin, a God’s that is full of grace, a superabounding grace.

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